Randy Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Inspiration Mining was recently interviewed on what investors should look for when they are reviewing mining company investments.

First and foremost, investors should consider the volatility of the mining markets.  Because of the price fluctuations, buying opportunities are created on an almost daily basis.  These opportunities can lead to explosive growth, unlike several other sectors.

Second, the nationalization of mines needs to be taken into serious consideration.  The safest markets include the United States, Canada, Australia and Mexico.  Serious risks need to be measured and taken into account when considering investment into other international markets.  Government stability, political climate and other variables must be thoroughly researched and weighed against realistic risk assessments.  Recent articles at Mining.com have featured articles such as "Illegal Mining is Latin America's New Cocaine."

Third, mining shares are currently trading at a 30 year low as of the date of this blog.  If you have an investment strategy of buying low and selling high, opportunities abound within this sector.  By gaining exposure in a portfolio in a depressed sector, returns can be maximized.  Charts on the mining sectors clearly show companies involved with mining operations are due to rebound.  Solid evidence with similar sectors shows investments made before the sectors come back into favor is the way to maximize capital returns.

Fourth, seasoned investors are starting to show interest in mining companies.  It has been reported that George Soros is actively acquiring several mining company equity positions.  George Soros will probably not win any popularity contests, but his methods for uncovering investment opportunities can not be denied.  Reports also indicate that several key hedge fund managers are starting to build positions in mining companies, and even purchasing some mining interests outright.  Several other experts, such as Rick Rule agree with the mining sectors being in a position to show dramatic gains in the near term. For information about marketing your website, please visit http://www.addurl.nu

The final piece of advice from Randy Miller at Inspiration Mining is to always diversify your portfolio.  Having too much exposure in one sector is far more riskier than anything else you can do.  Diversification, with patience and research will always lead to your biggest gains.   For more information, please visit our site at Inspiration Mining



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    December 2013


    Randy Miller Inspiration Mining